Our approach to Communications Evaluation goes beyond just metrics to help you understand the true impact of your campaigns on community attitudes and behaviours.

We use sensitive diagnostics to help you understand exactly which messages have been most effective on your target audience and in what ways.

Our suite of qualitative and quantitative approaches can be tailored to the need and efficiently deployed for anything from ad hoc communications evaluations to longitudinal and continuous tracking studies.

Our communications evaluation framework encompasses the entire communication context:

Our methodologies include:

  • Literature reviews
  • Focus groups (f2f and online)
  • Online surveys
  • StoryLine© online communities
  • Telephone surveys
  • SMS/mobile surveys
  • Scorecards
  • Ethnographic techniques
  • User testing labs
  • Paper self-completion
  • Face to face intercepts
  • Case study development

Community and stakeholder needs assessment
New service and program design
Service and program evaluation
Communications development
Channel optimisation and refinement

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